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Batida is the name with which Pedro Coquenão signs what he does. Born in Huambo, Angola, he grew up in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal, and has been dividing his time between music production, radio, and video. The name Batida was inspired in the bootleg compilations that circulate in the streets of Luanda and his DIY spirit. His DJ sets are rare, and one of these, in London, turned him into the first Portuguese and Angolan to feature a Boiler Room session and so far he has already done five, between London, Paris and Lisbon. He has tracks and collabs spread around the catalogues of labels like Soundway, Crammed, Fabric or BBE. At the end of 2014 he was invited to open for four concerts by Stromae in his tour of arenas in the cities of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Rennes, and he remixed “Heavy Seas of Love” from Damon Albarn's first solo album. In February 2015 he hosted the legendary Nonono Nº1 in his garage, where they recorded the new album “Konono Nº1 Meets Batida”, launched in April 2016. That same year began with the invitation for two DJ sets at the Brazilian carnival, one in Sao Paulo and another at the Rec Beat festival in Recife, among other festivals in Portugal.