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DJ Firmeza proudly herald's from the Quinta do Mocho hood, where originators Nervoso and Marfox reside too, and is a revered and unmatchable DJ in the wide community and youth culture living the 'Ghetto Sound of Lisbon' (RA sic), with a unique percussive-heavy trance-inducing style to the art of mixing, which also makes him an acclaimed regular on Príncipe's monthly residency at Musicbox club in Lisbon. Príncipe has released in 2015 his first and much acclaimed 12'' of his own material entitled “Alma Do Meu Pai”. Has been progressively acquiring a flare for playing out in a wide amplitude of contexts and settings, from a Berlin's Schinkel Pavillon terrace party to a Bienne's geodesic compound in the woods, besides performances at Krakow's Unsound Festival or last year’s wrap up party at Germany’s pavilion at the Venice Biennale.