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Francis Dale is the creative expression of Diogo Ribeiro (a student of classical composition) and the producer Fred (Orelha Negra, Banda do Mar, and 5:30). The duo seeks a symbiosis between sheet music and sampling, between classical and contemporary. The result is a multi-sensorial experience lying somewhere between installation and performance. The first single “Eleanor” presented the album “Square”, released in May 2015 by NOS Discos. Francis Dale performed at the festival Vodafone Mexefest 2014 and at the NOS em D'Bandada 2015. Between October 2015 and March 2016 they shared the stage with Isaura on 13 dates, having also sold out spaces such as Lux (Lisbon), Hard Club (Porto), Teatro das Figuras (Faro), and Salão Brazil (Coimbra). In April, Mickael de Oliveira's new show premiered at the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria, “A constituição ou a nova república”, whose original score, composed by Francis Dale, was performed live by the musician.